Saturday, July 27, 2013

Aerostats among us . . .

I chose to make this post a picture story since the real story wasn't as pretty and pictures are SOOOooooooOOOOO much prettier.  Amirite?  Yep.

It was a gorgeous day in Vermont . . .
When we traveled to the Vermont Balloon & Craft Festival in Shelburne . . .
Initially the stink factor was a bit high . . .
But then we found marbles and all was right with the world.
Such happiness!
Look!  Marbles!!
There were some (most) booths that we could only look with our eyes . . .
And so Ethan used his eyes in a very critical manner.
Toby was not impressed.
We sought out some shade, which was a hot commodity!  (ha ha, see what I did there?)  Peanut butter and apple sandwiches were consumed.
Toby joined in but continued to be skeptical.
Foodie area.
Outer edges of Craftie area.
Ice cream made with Vermont milk! 
He might be skeptical but he is still very cute.
Across the road was the "balloon walk."
Happy boy with marbles and the biggest balloon of his life.
Release the Ethan Wee!
It is possible this experience trumped the ice cream.
He found a band of kids and they joined forces and had tons o' fun.
Don't worry dude, you'll be free range soon enough.
Pretty neat set up.  Two wiry older dudes were pros at keeping the balloon inflated and created great "waves" inside for the kids to play around.
The best limeade of my life.
The end.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Vicariously . . .

Tis the season for vacationing. 

Except we haven't really and truly vacationed since our honeymoon.  It has been for the most part a strictly financial barrier that keeps us from traveling.  Then we had a farm, now we have young kids and incredibly high maintenance dogs.  I could just fill a laundry basket with cat food and put out like 10 bowls of water and the cats would be good for a week (might have to buy a few more litter boxes though . . . blarghitygrossjen!)

I have quite a few friends, near and far that are currently vacationing or have vacationed or are going to and talk about it quite often.

So, I will live vicariously through all of you.  Keep the details and pictures coming because I'm mentally photo shopping myself and my family into your vacations.

I know that in a handful of years we will have two potty trained, fully functioning and rowdy boys that are pining for adventure and then Matt and I can take off with them in tow and I will take a zillion pictures and then YOU all can be green with envy.

Until then, keep the pictures coming but don't you dare complain about one aspect of your vacation because at least YOU GET ONE!  (I'm not being mean or really truthful, you can complain but just do it in a tiny mouse voice so that it takes the edge off things.)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shelburne Museum (of Awesomeness.)

This past Saturday we ventured to the Shelburne Museum for their Circus-Palooza celebration. 

Now, when I think of a museum, my brain naturally pings back to my meanderings in previous museums such as the Musee D'Orsay, Louvre and the American Museum of Natural History.  You know, generally one building that you walk around INSIDE of to see the goodies.

Well, this "museum" is located on 45 acres of land, most of which are gorgeous gardens and a smattering of buildings (39 to be exact, 25 of which are historic and have been relocated to the Museum grounds.)  And also um, a 220-foot steamboat Ticonderoga.  Here, evidence: 

It was crazy busy, the wrangling needs were strong with the eldest and so I missed out on some awesome "circus-y" pictures.  I captured a few from inside but mostly took pics when we were wandering the grounds because Ethan is always happier when he is free-range.  They had a juggler that was seriously magical, an acrobat dude that did a lot of handstands and balancing feats and a trapeze artist that, while her trapeze was a bit abbreviated, still impressed.  Here is the one shot worth sharing - this dude was the ringleader and had chosen a child from the audience and got her to balance on his hand!

 Also, Toby couldn't see anything and he wanted out.

I joined up with a group of moms from the former MOMS Club of Burlington and it was really nice to see them all again.  Also, it is nice not to be "that" person wrangling two kids amongst a bunch of adults (insert exasperated sigh expressed by said adults.) 

Sadly we saw probably 5% of the property and exactly ONE of the buildings if you don't include the Gift Shop/Entrance but we will go back.  There is a carousel and the aforementioned BIG boat.  There are many, many of the buildings that are kid friendly (other than the Owl Cottage which I did capture on film - that being the ONE building we perused.)  Also, I changed a diaper on the floor IMARULEBREAKER!

Look who is just STANDING there.
All the awesome fings Ma!
Brudders at the train table.
Happy E-fin
What would you like to eat?  A lil' leg O' Toby? 
I bought a year membership as every mom I spoke with said it was well worth it and I, personally, can't WAIT to go back.  My only qualm, quibble, what have you . . . is that the Gift Shop through which I exited the museum grounds is rife with expensive (but oh so pretty) baubles and breakables.  I nearly had an apoplectic grand mal seizure heart attack fit when Ethan started waving around a giant candy spear of destruction.  We all survived though.  And Ethan has a wonderful time despite the rough start. 

Here, have some pictures - LOTS OF THEM:

A Creemee!  (Which is the "name" for soft serve ice cream in Vermont.)
Apparently this is the cafe where they serve yummy food.  But I only got to see the 1% that comprised the bathroom.
The "lighthouse."

One of the many gorgeous apple trees.
Lips, just you know, hanging out.
So, of course, I had to take a zillion pictures of E on the lips :)
I mean, he is just too awesomely cute for words sometimes!
Just hanging out . . . on lips.
Also a very large chair.
One of the little garden areas.  Ethan loved the water feature and statue so much that it was a near thing keeping him on the path.  Also, this area had the most gorgeous baptisia plants I think I've ever seen.  I never knew they could get so big!
Toby was not impressed.
But he was still very cute.
Some of the views on this gorgeous day.
I'm pretty sure I would have liked whatever was in that building.  To its right is the "Gift Shop" exit area.
So, it was a good day.  We will be returning one weekend to ride the carousel and explore the boat and maybe even the Toy Shop they have (I know!)  I can't call this a "hidden gem" but I'm still very thankful to have finally "discovered" it.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Okay, so there is this situation going on.

Behind closed doors I'm being stalked.  By . . .  laundry. 

Even with a one load a day rule (which I don't follow) it seems I have failed completely in the laundry department.  I took a picture today.  It is graphic, I warn you to look away if you are squeamish!  You've been warned!


Now, as you can see I've taken the bull by the horns and sorted the overwhelming amount of laundry to better get a grasp on the magnitude of this situation.  Clue:  MASSIVE LAUNDRY OVERLOAD.

I'm not thinking I'll ever "catch up" per se.  But still.  This is ridiculous. 

I have to confess.  I don't mind doing laundry, I LOVE folding laundry (but hate matching socks) however, putting it away is where I falter.  I loathe putting clothes away.  Not sure why.  Oh, and carting the baskets up the stairs.  I don't like that either. 

I tried putting out a bowl of milk for the brownies but I don't think they like 1%.  Maybe I'll have to buy some more cream.  Then maybe they will come help me . . .

In other news . . .

I have now officially lived in this home for 7 1/2 months and yet we have a secret. 


Room of Doom.  AKA my office.  An official clusterduck (replace the "d" with an "f" and you are closer to the truth.)  At the end of the world where the custodians sweep off the edge, it all collects in this room. 

I have an organizer coming in September so hopefully will have this room cleared, the nasty carpet replaced and only the "important" things put back in by then.  Wish me luck (heh!)  I know.  I'm thinking I won't make it either.

Or I could just take the sage advice of Sam and Dean Winchester . . .