Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Farm

One of my favorite places to visit is Shelburne Farms.  Ethan is *almost* to the age where I don't hyperventilate when I can't see him and Toby is *just* the right age to get sucked into playing with the toy tractors for hours.  Plus, it is just plain GORGEOUS out there.  I hope that over the years we get to utilize the hiking trails and biking trails more fully but for now I think every trip is just darned special :)

And here are some pretty solid examples of how my kids won't frickin' smile like normal people.  Buuuut they are still wicked cutie pies!

Riding the tractor/train out to the Barn!
We are here!  Let's run amok!!
Toby loved the baby goats (who doesn't?!)
Absolutely stunningly gorgeous day in Vermont.
Barnyard area.  Teaching area and exhibits to the left and bakery straight ahead!
Checking for eggs in the chicken house!
Toby and his best bud Huxley :)
WHOAAAA chickens!
Ethan made a friend.  In truth, these chickens were rock stars!
Ethan and his buddy, Rowan, found some eggs!
Toby liked these chickens a bit better.
Tree climbing!!
Story walk!!
Into the woods . . .
Hike to the top!!
Hello Lake Champlain and New York State!
Try #1
Try #2
Try #3
Try #4
Try # . . .  oh we are done.