Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Shire

THROW BACK THURSDAY!  Look I found a post that I never posted!  Go me!


Once a year (so far) we've made it down to Montshire Museum of Science.  The place is amazing and overwhelming and totally worth the drive.

The intrepid adventurers (AKA Jen & Erin) decided to brave a trip to King Arthur Flour and Montshire Museum with our duo (each) of rascals.  It is wonderful to have friends with two boys as well . . . the understanding in regards to parenting is much more keen (and supportive.)

I was particularly excited about this trip as they had Sue on display.  I thought Ethan would be beyond excited (turns out he thought it was cool but quickly moved on . . . )  *sigh*

Marchity March

And so, time marches onward.

To glorious battles!  And perilous defeats . . . to homebound hugs and wretched goodbyes.

Life marches onward as well.

Not one to complain openly in a public media setting let me just say that life's rollercoasters sometimes sucks a big carrot.

We are all fine.

The boys are amazing.

Momma is well . . . not as fine but I'm good enough to fake it.  For now anyway.

As I look, forward (always, always forward) this year will have some amazing events.  Toby and Ethan will get to go to camp together (I will have a THREE YEAR OLD!)  And then, this fall, the world will stop spinning for one brief moment as I realize I have two kiddos in school.  Preschool for the Rampaging Rex and Kindergarten for my sweet EWee. 

Just a quick recap as I seem to have lost months and months of typed reflection via my bloggityblog.

-  August - trip to Florida!
-  September . . . I don't remember
-  October . . . . still don't remember
-  November was B I G.  I completed NaNoWriMo and opened my own shop - Sew Knot The Point.  Needless to say, I took on a lot.  In addition to that, I received the most precious of visitors for Thanksgiving.  My sister and her daughter came to stay with us.  Balm for the soul. 
-  December was a blur of Christmas plans, Christmas traveling, staying longer with family, trying so very hard to squeeze every bit of contact I out of them before heading back north.
-  January . . . eh
-  February . . . (stomach flu!!)

AAAAAND here we are. 

 I am still working on my NaNoWriMo story - have had a critical eye (not mine) look it over and need to do some editing but let's just say this one will be sent out.

I have an event for Sew Knot The Point in April and finally ordered a Square for my phone - just in case.

I'll keep you posted . . . maybe :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

ECHO . . . . echo . . . echo

(P.S. I started this post several months ago - eeep!)

This would be the last big outing of cousins before Ammi & Co. head south to a warmer climate.  It was bittersweet but isn't she just the most precious lil' thing!

My boys absolutely love ECHO.  I personally think it is too expensive for them to just look at frogs and play at a water table.  Regardless, they always have fun and that is what matters!

Ship rat
Look Ma!  I can stack and play wif all dis stuff!
Cutest Ammi I know.
Wee cousins
Touch tank - Ethan always homes in on the horse shoe crab and dazzles the volunteer on duty with his knowledge of said creature!
Finally, the frogs!!
Don't worry Toby, soon enough you'll be able to see them . . . too soon for mommy.
Turtles in the play room!
Forced smile at the water table (awww Ethan thanks for being a good sport with your paparazzo momma!)
Queen of the Camp
I think Ammi ordered him to go make dinner.
Inside the turtle tank!!
Whatchooo lookin' at!  This little fish tank is hidden!
Bye Ammi we will (and DO) miss you!