Thursday, October 23, 2014

ECHO . . . . echo . . . echo

(P.S. I started this post several months ago - eeep!)

This would be the last big outing of cousins before Ammi & Co. head south to a warmer climate.  It was bittersweet but isn't she just the most precious lil' thing!

My boys absolutely love ECHO.  I personally think it is too expensive for them to just look at frogs and play at a water table.  Regardless, they always have fun and that is what matters!

Ship rat
Look Ma!  I can stack and play wif all dis stuff!
Cutest Ammi I know.
Wee cousins
Touch tank - Ethan always homes in on the horse shoe crab and dazzles the volunteer on duty with his knowledge of said creature!
Finally, the frogs!!
Don't worry Toby, soon enough you'll be able to see them . . . too soon for mommy.
Turtles in the play room!
Forced smile at the water table (awww Ethan thanks for being a good sport with your paparazzo momma!)
Queen of the Camp
I think Ammi ordered him to go make dinner.
Inside the turtle tank!!
Whatchooo lookin' at!  This little fish tank is hidden!
Bye Ammi we will (and DO) miss you!

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