Thursday, March 5, 2015

Marchity March

And so, time marches onward.

To glorious battles!  And perilous defeats . . . to homebound hugs and wretched goodbyes.

Life marches onward as well.

Not one to complain openly in a public media setting let me just say that life's rollercoasters sometimes sucks a big carrot.

We are all fine.

The boys are amazing.

Momma is well . . . not as fine but I'm good enough to fake it.  For now anyway.

As I look, forward (always, always forward) this year will have some amazing events.  Toby and Ethan will get to go to camp together (I will have a THREE YEAR OLD!)  And then, this fall, the world will stop spinning for one brief moment as I realize I have two kiddos in school.  Preschool for the Rampaging Rex and Kindergarten for my sweet EWee. 

Just a quick recap as I seem to have lost months and months of typed reflection via my bloggityblog.

-  August - trip to Florida!
-  September . . . I don't remember
-  October . . . . still don't remember
-  November was B I G.  I completed NaNoWriMo and opened my own shop - Sew Knot The Point.  Needless to say, I took on a lot.  In addition to that, I received the most precious of visitors for Thanksgiving.  My sister and her daughter came to stay with us.  Balm for the soul. 
-  December was a blur of Christmas plans, Christmas traveling, staying longer with family, trying so very hard to squeeze every bit of contact I out of them before heading back north.
-  January . . . eh
-  February . . . (stomach flu!!)

AAAAAND here we are. 

 I am still working on my NaNoWriMo story - have had a critical eye (not mine) look it over and need to do some editing but let's just say this one will be sent out.

I have an event for Sew Knot The Point in April and finally ordered a Square for my phone - just in case.

I'll keep you posted . . . maybe :)

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