Friday, April 11, 2014

I am okay.

Tread softly

Don't stir the doubt

The winds are mercurial

. . .  and I am without.

Just one embrace

To chase away the dark

Two heart beats pound

 . . .  . insistent as a morning lark

Cradle them

Someone cradle me

Tripping along this journey

. . . . can't you see?

Stretching so far

Reaching so high

Joyous little voices

. . . just don't cry.

Like a willow

Waving in the wind

So strong and supple.

. . . . please don't break just bend.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dear Facebook . . .

Dear Facebook,

You are hogging all the pictures of my children and also, eating up all of my time.

I've read ad nauseum of people taking a break from Facebook.  In truth, I already block and or "unfollow" most of the people/sites that annoy me.  I love my family and friends but sometimes opinions differ and I'm not about to open cans o' worms with people over differing political views, etc.  I won't be taking a break because on most days I feel like it is my "connection" to other moms, events and also watching family grow up (and I'm missing all of it . . . love you Chloe.)

However, it is SO easy to just plop some adorkable picture of my kid up on there for all (who want to) see and feel like I've "shared."  My need to verbalize, albeit in typing form, is falling by the wayside.  I never want to put too much information on Facebook.  Mainly because I refuse to use it as a complaint board or a diary, but also because it is a snap shot representation of myself.  If I want to ramble . . . I have a frickin' blog for that!

Also, I've been in a funk.  The decreasing number of blog posts probably gave it away.  And, for the one of you that reads this (hi mom and/or dad) I'm sorry.

Maybe for the first time in my life I got the winter blues?  Who knows but this winter was a bit jagged around the edges for me.  But, what ho?!  Sun shining?!  Mud everywhere?!  ROBINS!!!!! 

Yesh.  Spring has sprung.  I have so many pictures I need to share . . . on here.

Life is messy and unpredictable and can be scary and also completely glorious.  Even when I go through dark patches, my kids are the lights in the darkness and eventually I find my bootstraps and pull myself out of the hole.  I'm emerging . . . I promise . . . more adventures to come!

P.S.  I think Matt and I are buying a bread maker.  I'm about to get all Betty Crocker on your asses.  Stay tuned.