Thursday, October 23, 2014

Too much BLARGH.

Okay, I didn't even realize that I was THIS BEHIND on my precious bloggity-blog!

Time really flies.

The "little" kittens turned ONE in September!

I traveled to Florida at the end of August with the kiddos in tow and we didn't die of heat stroke.

I also went to Montshire Museum at some point and saw a T-Rex skeleton.

Um, am attempting to open an Etsy shop . . . post for another day.

Toby is 2 going on 30 and Ethan is set on narrating (or tattling) Toby's every move.

I also haven't blogged yet about the loss of our Cricket Weenog to cancer 7 months after we lost Luka to cancer.

We got new carpet and the boys are now in the same room (two twin beds!) and I am faced with selling Toby's crib.

No comment on potty training.

. . .

Life marches onward.  Not always upward though . . .

Next posts will be picture heavy - which is something I LOVE.  So, I hope you do as well.  Cheer me on as I attempt to "catch up."  ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha !!!!

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